Union of Arab Securities Authorities

SCFMS & UASA 2011-08-15

The Syrian Commission on Financial Markets and Securities was among the first Arab securities regulators that aimed at establishing the Union, and thus attended the establishing meeting on 30.01.07 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The UASA aims to enhance the Arab economic integration and development through seeking to achieve harmony between the laws and regulations effective in the Arab stock exchanges, uplift the regulatory and organizational levels of these exchanges in a way that ensures justice, efficiency and transparency, and enable the exchange of information, advice and expertise between the member states.


The Commission presided the UASA in its fourth year from 22.12.09 to 09.01.11 and worked to ensure Arab cooperation and brotherhood in the securities sector. The most important achievements during the time is the launching of the UASA website for easier access to its news and training programs, and the increasing of the number of Arab members via encouraging non-member Arab states to join to make the Union the one Arab referent securities body – three more states accepted the invitation to benefit from the Arab unity in such industry. The Commission worked to further activate the role of exchanging information and experience when it circulated regulations to the members at times for the general benefit and for requesting advise and remarks at others. The Commission hosted and organized many important meetings and training programs in Damascus.

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